Clareview Casselman Pet Clinic

14604 50 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5A 4W9




We are committed to provide our patients with world class care which ensure their wellness and comfort to the maximum level. Our team is confident to offer it with compassion and love. A registration form should be required if you are new to our clinic. Our patients get a tip of nose to tip of tail exam by our experienced veterinarian in our well equipped examination rooms and then the vet will explain the findings to our clients. A healthy discussion between clients and the vet will enable us to go for next step in the process. Active involvement from clients make the process fruitful and help our vets to take fast and right steps further.

Our clinic is well equipped with modern cutting edge diagnostic tools which further supported by experts in the field. It save your time, provide our clients better value at their scheduled visit. We also has a well managed and organised pharmacy in the clinic. We ensure that our clients has access to quality assured products from us.

We are equipped with dental machine, accessories and an x ray machine to provide delight in our service to our clients. We also provide nutritional consult for pets and we carry quality assured life stage foods, prescription diets, treats and other products. Our clients go home with after care instructions explained by our well trained staffs.

We request your commitment, patience, love, compassion to make our effort a success. Please try to avoid cell phone usage in our exam rooms to enable an effective vet exam and also to provide you value which our clients expect from us.